Sampson® Hangers
are the strongest gutter
brackets you can buy.

the strongest gutter hanger

Using the right support accessories determines the performance of your seamless gutter system.

Sampson® and the HangDog® Hangers are hidden when they are installed and can dramatically improve the durability of the entire system.

Eaves troughs (gutters) installed by a quality conscious installer, will have the best hardware available.

Sampson® Hangers will fit any continuous rainware system, (including K style and fascia style) that uses a 5 inch gutter bracket.

You will find our ordering system is easy to use and be pleased to have us as a gutter products supplier.

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Contractors, you can benefit by using better products than your competition.

You are buying direct from the manufacturer and can receive a
wholesale price by purchasing in quantity.


Having your gutters sagging down, or falling off, is a frustrating problem.

You can repair those sagging gutters!

With a little information, you can be an informed consumer and make good choices with the products that will be used on your home. more...


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sagging gutters

Everyone has seen gutters sagging and falling off.

An experienced homeowner will choose a contractor that can demonstrate quality, rather than just say it.

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